Sale! Blind Flowers

Blind Flowers

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Blind with digital printing.

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33,82 €


52,02 €

Blind with digital printing.

Four base fabric possibilities to choose from.

Resin Tissue: 100% Polyester Fabric. The cheapest option. Translucent.

Polyester Fiber Fabric: Polyester Fiber Fabric. Opening 5% - Flame retardant.

Fiberglass Fabric: Fiberglass Fabric and 3% Opening. The best fabric for digital printing. Flame retardant

Opaque Fabric: Opaque Fabric 100% The base fabric will always be white.

It can also be done on light beige or light gray, when we are told to do so.

The difference between the total width and the width of the fabric will be 3.5 cms.

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